Sick Today. We think.

One of the hardest parts about having a little girl who is non-verbal is when she’s not feeling well, it’s just a guessing game to find out what’s wrong. My wife noticed she looked a little pale this morning, but it wasn’t until she suddenly threw up at therapy that we suspected something was wrong.[…]

Tucked in

I tucked my daughter in for the first time in over a year today. She likes to rock, so tucking her in has been impossible. See: But I used a king sized sheet and tucked her in so tight she couldn’t possibly break free. I even put a weighted blanket on her since everyone’s told[…]


We’re having a tough time deciding between school options right now.  The IEP we got, which is an evaluation from state funded therapists, recommends literally no services for a girl who needs intensive therapy in order to continue to progress.  So we’re looking at all of our alternatives.  There are three options for us: An[…]