First Day of School

There has been a lot of stress and anxiousness preparing for Maggie’s first day of school.  Ours not hers.  We kept telling Maggie that she was going to be going to school and it was going to be fun.  She didn’t really care, but how could she?  She had never been and didn’t really understand, as far as we could tell.  Read more about First Day of School[…]

Sharing the video is working

It made it into the Huffington Post – It just needs to continue to spread. Thanks for all your support. Here’s the link to the video so you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or whatever other social media channels you use.

Share this video. Save Magnolia.

In December, our daughter, Magnolia was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome which is a rare neurological disorder. Because of Rett, scoliosis, seizures, feeding tube surgery, loss of mobility, loss of useful hand control and an inability to talk are all things she will possibly deal with over the course of her life. It happens randomly. It can Read more about Share this video. Save Magnolia.[…]