Finding things to be thankful for…

As the holidays roll around I realize it’s almost been a year since we got the diagnosis.  We’ve gone through a lot of emotion this year and hardship and change, but still, it’s easy to find things to be thankful for – our families, our friends, new and old, even Maggie’s health.  While she’s been Read more about Finding things to be thankful for…[…]

NNZ trial press report released

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions. Last Tuesday November 12,2014, two days after Maggie’s 4th birthday. Neuren Pharmaceuticals released the information regarding the NNZ trial for Rett Syndrome. This is a big deal. There are several trials going on right now, which is great, but the process of drug trials is Read more about NNZ trial press report released[…]

Maggie on the news

The news did a story on us back in August when we put out the video (  It airs Wednesday, November 12th, on KCal9 at 10:00 PM.  If you’re not local, here’s the story: I’m not sure what we said at this point, or if they caught Jenny or me crying on the news.  But I’m Read more about Maggie on the news[…]