An Actual Conversation With Maggie

We got the Eye Gaze Computer!!!  After a very hard fought battle with the district, they gave us the communication device Maggie needed.  They wanted to help the whole time, there were just a lot of hoops we had to go through.  But in the end, we got it.  I spent the better part of Read more about An Actual Conversation With Maggie[…]

When Laughter Fills The Room

It’s amazing how much about Rett Syndrome I can forget when Maggie’s in a giggly mood.  Her laugh is literal music to my ears and it washes away all of the stress and pain of Rett Syndrome.  Knowing that she’s having a good time, she’s finding enjoyment in things, and she’s experiencing little kid giggles Read more about When Laughter Fills The Room[…]