This is embarrassing to post, but it’d be more embarrassing to do nothing. Rettsyndrome.org is launching a campaign to get people involved – Here’s all they ask – Film your favorite dance. Upload it to Youtube or Vimeo. Share it on social media including a ‪#‎dance4rett‬ and dance4rett.org. Ask 3 friends to do the same.[…]

Ragnar Race

This Friday I’m participating in the Ragnar Race.  That’s an overnight team relay running race.  A team of women run 180 miles in honor of 180 girls with Rett Syndrome.  There are other teams, but, that’s the team I’m on.  It takes them about 28 hours.  It’s impressive and herculaen that people can accomplish such[…]

Art Project

Jenny had this idea about showing off Maggie as a strong woman, so we had our friend Eric Guttierez (fka Mav, fka the funky blessed) come over and take some photos.  Here’s a picture from that day – this is Maggie as Amelia Earhart…I’m still working on photoshopping the rest, but I’ll send those out[…]

More FUNdraising

I produced a show last weekend called First Act to raise money for Rett Syndrome research.  A bunch of comedians came and performed old dated jokes they don’t get to tell anymore.  Basically, the thought was that with Rett Syndrome, girls lose the ability to do things they used to do.  So, I produced this show around[…]