The Scoliosis Scare

When we were first told about Rett Syndrome the doctor suggested we start immediately on Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Hippotherapy.  While the first three were familiar, Hippotherapy was not. “It’s horseback therapy,” we were told.  “For scoliosis,” we were told.  “But she doesn’t have scoliosis,” we reminded the doctor.  “Not yet,” said Read more about The Scoliosis Scare[…]

A New Addition – A Difficult Choice

We’d wanted to have a baby since Maggie was 1.  I have two brothers (much older) and Jenny has a sister (close in age) and we’re both very appreciative of the relationships we have with our siblings.  They challenge us (both my brothers and Jenny’s sister), they help us grow as people (Jenny’s sister), and Read more about A New Addition – A Difficult Choice[…]