Memorial Day weekend

We had a packed weekend, which I love. Saturday, Magnolia was to have gymnastics in the morning and Gray asked to go climb a mountain. So Mags and I had fun going to gymnastics while AJ took Gray to hike – everybody was happy. During the afternoon both kids were supposed to have swim lessons. Read more about Memorial Day weekend[…]

Better belly happy mommy

If your doctor ever prescribes you Flagyl, know that you are about to imbibe a nasty liquid. Everyday for the past two weeks we had to basically hold a pep rally in order for her to take her belly medication. “Yay Maggie, Go Maggie, You can do it! Give me an M!” There were plenty Read more about Better belly happy mommy[…]

Gastrointestinal meds are working but….

Magnolia has been on her GI medication for 7 days, this is day 8. She doesn’t like them. She seemed to tolerate them the first few days but now she revolts when we have to give her the medication. Yesterday, I was working and Shelly brought Mags to my office (upstairs in our house) she Read more about Gastrointestinal meds are working but….[…]

Monday, GI specialist. Tuesday, IEP. Wednesday….

Some weeks we cruise along, other weeks seem so crazy,  and crazy just seems normal.  This is one of those weeks. Monday, AJ met Maggie and I at the GI specialist for her appointment. If we can, we both like to be at the doctor appointments, at least the first appointment with a new doctor. Read more about Monday, GI specialist. Tuesday, IEP. Wednesday….[…]