It’s not if, its when…

The News We’ve Been Waiting for: “Gene Therapy Program for Rett Syndrome will be advanced by biotech company.” Last week RSRT sent out an email announcing they will be going to a Gene therapy trial for Rett. Reading those words took my breath away. I froze for a moment. My hands were shaking. Since Maggie was diagnosed, I had hoped I would read those words one day.

Rett Syndrome will be going to gene therapy trials. Its not if, its when. That is huge. As always, thank you for being our support. We are not there yet, and we will need more help. But we will get there, with a little bit of pixie dust.

Monica at RSRT wrote a blog, that is honest, hopeful and informative. She discusses what a gene therapy trial would possibly mean for us. Read that blog here

There is so much hope. Take the time to read the initial press release here. It is worth it.



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