Should we go to the ER?

I’m not sad. I’m angry with Rett Syndrome.  We are in a very strange and confusing place as parents – not just parents of a beautiful child with special needs; not just parents of a brave girl with Rett Syndrome; but parents of a little girl who struggles through more than any little girl should have to.

Rett Syndrome has clearly progressed for Magnolia. The battle has been nonstop and the stakes seem to keep getting higher. When I look at other families with individuals with Rett Syndrome, I wonder if their lives are the same. Are the stakes getting higher for them or has Rett Syndrome plateaued?  It’s hard to know looking at social media. It seems to be individuals with Rett are either in the hospital and very sick or seemingly fine living their daily lives. I know we mostly post our adventures and positive moments. Right now, we squeeze in those moments between all of the other chaos that is happening with her.

For us, we seem to be in a strange place. Magnolia isn’t in the hospital, but life for her isn’t fine. She has been having a plethora of GI issues, her caloric intake is minimal and she most likely is getting a feeding tube in her belly (called a G tube).  On top of it all, her seizures that went away for a couple of months are back. She is dealing with it all. She has been more emotional, frustrated and angry throughout a lot of the day; and it’s completely warranted. Life for her right now isn’t great. For the last month, on a weekly basis, we have had to evaluate whether or not we should take her into the Emergency Room. We have had multiple conversations on what her threshold is. We have talked to all of her doctors to figure out what the criteria is for each issue that is happening. Because they are all big issues. Seizures, how many until ER? Or how many days can she go without eating? What if she is still having a couple of Pediasures each day? How long without drinking anything? What if she is just screaming in pain? So many conversations for so many issues.  It may seem like a no brainer to take her into the hospital should any of these issues arise in your typical child.  But this is a daily occurrence.  It hasn’treally felt like an emergency.  So we make doctor’s appointments, suffer through the weeks leading up to those appointments. We live in the unknown until we see a doctor, and even then its a guessing game with the doctor of what to do.

I’m angry that we spend our lives maintaining and managing her care and pain because life is that difficult for her. I’m angry that I have a bag packed with clothes and supplies for her and I, just in case. I’m angry that I haven’t been able to look into camps for her because everyday has been difficult. I’m angry that with every hill we climb, there’s another hill on the other side.  It’s not fair for her.  At some point, there has to be a break for her.   OK.  I’m a little bit sad about it too.


Trying to live our best lives in the hardest of moments.

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