Memorial Day weekend

We had a packed weekend, which I love. Saturday, Magnolia was to have gymnastics in the morning and Gray asked to go climb a mountain. So Mags and I had fun going to gymnastics while AJ took Gray to hike – everybody was happy. During the afternoon both kids were supposed to have swim lessons. Read more about Memorial Day weekend[…]

Memorial Day weekend

Holidays can be stressful. All holidays. Right now, Maggie is so exhausted from her new seizure medications, on a day to day basis, we never know what to expect. There are plenty of days, we find ourselves tied to the house because Maggie is too tired to do anything. So this past weekend we really Read more about Memorial Day weekend[…]

Cali Snow Day When the weather dumps rain all over Los Angeles and dumps snow in the mountains. Sometimes you just need to make a trip to play in the snow. Living in Los Angeles, we are only an hour and a half away from the closest Mountain Resort, Mountain High. So Sunday, that is what we Read more about Cali Snow Day[…]

Memorial Day and Communication

We’ve been trialling a different eye gaze computer for the last few weeks.  Susan Norwell, one of the respected experts in Rett Syndrome communication, came to visit and gave us a real kick in the pants – in a good way (video forthcoming).  We’ve become very adept at reading Maggie, understanding what she wants, understanding what Read more about Memorial Day and Communication[…]

First Day of School

There has been a lot of stress and anxiousness preparing for Maggie’s first day of school.  Ours not hers.  We kept telling Maggie that she was going to be going to school and it was going to be fun.  She didn’t really care, but how could she?  She had never been and didn’t really understand, as far as we could tell.  Read more about First Day of School[…]