Should we go to the ER?

I’m not sad. I’m angry with Rett Syndrome.  We are in a very strange and confusing place as parents – not just parents of a beautiful child with special needs; not just parents of a brave girl with Rett Syndrome; but parents of a little girl who struggles through more than any little girl should Read more about Should we go to the ER?[…]

My heart broke, but not for Magnolia

Last week I was speaking with a mom with an older daughter with Rett Syndrome. She was watching Magnolia, turned to me and said.”I hope they find a cure or treatment for her. I’d really hate to see that spark go away.” It wasn’t cruel, it was honest. She has been fundraising and hoping for Read more about My heart broke, but not for Magnolia[…]

Better belly happy mommy

If your doctor ever prescribes you Flagyl, know that you are about to imbibe a nasty liquid. Everyday for the past two weeks we had to basically hold a pep rally in order for her to take her belly medication. “Yay Maggie, Go Maggie, You can do it! Give me an M!” There were plenty Read more about Better belly happy mommy[…]