Back to school on April 11

We have been homeschooling Maggie this year, for various reasons – mostly, because she had a rough year last year.  She was constantly getting sick, which in turn caused more Rett symptoms, and though she has fought so hard to gain back her strength, balance and walking ability, being at home has allowed her to focus Read more about Back to school on April 11[…]

My email chain with the school district:

Names have been removed to protect everyone. I sent this first letter to the PT and OT assessor. Hi…, After some consideration, and in part, because I didn’t know I was supposed to have the discussion at the IEP, I feel like I have to strongly disagree with your recommendation of only 120 minutes/year of pt, Read more about My email chain with the school district:[…]

First Day of School

There has been a lot of stress and anxiousness preparing for Maggie’s first day of school.  Ours not hers.  We kept telling Maggie that she was going to be going to school and it was going to be fun.  She didn’t really care, but how could she?  She had never been and didn’t really understand, as far as we could tell.  Read more about First Day of School[…]