Beautifully brutal or brutally beautiful…

Sometimes the smallest of moments show us the beauty of life. Those same moments can also be heart wrenching. I had one of those moments this past weekend. It was simple, it was nothing, it was beautiful, it was brutal. As a family, we were leaving our friend’s house. We were walking to the elevator Read more about Beautifully brutal or brutally beautiful…[…]

Chaotic and fun summer travel

A recipe for a crazy but fun summer vacation. Ingredients One crazy independent toddler One amazing and strong kid with Rett, One busy, multitasking and exhausted dad One overwhelmed but happy mom Directions Knead all ingredients together.  Add in a dollop of seizures, a dash of minor accidents to taste.  Layer in flights to two Read more about Chaotic and fun summer travel[…]

Special Olympics

The Special Olympics were in LA last week.  I’d never been; though I have oft times considered volunteering.  When we first heard about Rett Syndrome, my dreams of Maggie someday competing in the Olympics quickly faded.  I mean, the daughter of a barely coordinated father and a somewhat clumsy mother, made those dreams a longshot Read more about Special Olympics[…]