There are so many reasons we love the Virtual Academy homeschool program for Mags. Her schedule is flexible, her health is better (colds, flus, viruses, not Rett not yet) it really has been a good program for her. The best part though, is the one day a week she goes to a classroom. She loves going and we weren’t sure if she was going to be able to this week. When she woke up on Tuesday, she was full steam ahead ready to go to school. As she walked in she was greeted with cheer, the other students were so happy she was there. Right away, she had to get in front of the class and discuss what she did over break (they didn’t meet up for a few weeks). Thankfully, Shelly knew this was a possibility.

As we were walking up to the school, Shelly asked her what she wanted to tell the class.

“Mags do you want to tell the class about Thanksgiving?” Mags answers No.

“Do you want to tell them about your Legoland trip?” Mags answers No.

“Do you want to tell them about going to the hospital?”Mags thankfully answers no.

“Do you want to tell everyone about Universal Studios?” Indiscernible answer.

“Mags do you want to tell your friends about Harry Potter World?” YES! Emphatic Yes! And so with Shelly’s help, she did. The kids asked questions and she would answer. She was thrilled.

I love how much she loves Harry Potter. We are reading the 3rd book, again. We’ve watched the first 3 films and she truly is such a fan. Sometimes I worry there isn’t enough magic in her childhood. We create adventures for her but childhood is made with magic. You know what I’m talking about? Dreams and pretending with your friends. Truly wanting a unicorn for a pet. Believing unicorns and fairies exist. The magic of childhood. I’ve often wondered if she felt the magic.

Now I know. Her love of Harry Potter tells me she is fine. I just know when she sleeps at night, she is fighting off evil wizards and goblins, with her Hogwarts crew.  I hope her dreams and childhood stay magical.


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