I know it’s going to seem like I’m trying to catch lightning in a bottle again.  And, I am.  And yes, we’re aiming high, here.  But, anything worth having is worth asking for.  For Maggie, everything is worth fighting for.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Dear President Obama,

I saw that you commuted the sentence of 214 people this week.

But you forgot 1.

This is Magnolia.

She’s imprisoned in a body that does not work.

Because she has Rett Syndrome.  A rare neurological disease that affects mostly girls.

Girls, that could have been just like your daughters.

Magnolia cannot walk easily, she cannot speak, and she cannot use her hands.

Rett Syndrome has locked her potential away.

But science has proven it is curable.

The NIH underfunds Rett Syndrome Research

Because it does not affect a significant population of Americans.

But it could eradicate a disease that affects hundreds of thousands.

With enough funding, you can commute my daughter’s sentence.

Will you consider commuting one more sentence by directing the NIH to focus on a cure for this curable disease?

Will you save my daughter’s life and the 350,000 other girls like her?

Will you Be Magnolia’s Hope?

Please share this video.

A share can truly change the course of my daughter’s life.


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