If you have been following us for awhile, you know that we focus on three main goals. Awareness for Rett Syndrome, fundraising for Rett Syndrome organizations, and living life as best we can.

When Covid hit, our focus shifted. Those three things were no longer prioritized together. We didn’t feel like it was appropriate to bring awareness, or to ask people to focus on our problems when the world’s problems were so big. We felt the need to focus on ourselves, on survival, on our mental health. Fundraising, well the world was in shambles and we just didn’t want to ask people for money when everyone was making shivs for the great Toilet Paper War of March 2020.

We discovered a lot about ourselves in 2020. Our biggest discovery was safely adventuring with a portable toilet heals the soul. After years of struggling mentally, still learning to cope with the complexity of Maggie’s diagnosis, we left everything behind and focused on something else.

In doing so, we realized we could follow up our documentary which we knew was an emotional watch, with a series of adventures. Rett Syndrome is such a rollercoaster and we wanted to inspire families to figure out a way to adventure that suits them, just like we did. In preparing for our RV trip, I started searching youtube for RV shows. Researching and watching, I realized, there isn’t a family traveling like ours. Actually I’m sure there is but there weren’t any shows about it. So we tried to record our adventures to inspire others. Normalizing our lives.

The life we had we may not return to, the life we thought we were moving towards shifted. The life we are living is worth it.

Check out Episode 3 of our series Moving Forward here….


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