After a really great and relaxing week spent with family, swimming every day and getting eaten alive by mosquitos, we’re going back to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston today – the mecca for Rett research.  We’re going to see Maggie’s neurologist and gi doctor as well as meet a new physical medical rehabilitation doctor.  It’ll be good to check in with them.  My parents are coming as well.  It’ll be great to spend time with them.

My feelings on this trip are a world apart from where they were 6 months ago after just getting the diagnosis, though.

Then I was determined to go and get some answers.  My parents came for much needed emotional support.

Today, I’m not so sure why we need to go.  My parents are coming, really just to visit the children’s museum again – we all really liked it when we were here last.  They also really liked the restaurant at the aquarium.  We’re all excited to go back.  But the doctors?  I could go either way.

When we met with the doctors six months ago we were positive we would need to come back every 6 months.  We would need to check in with the doctors.  I think that was because in my lifetime doctors have always been the people who prescribe medicine to fix what ails me.  My thoughts 6 months ago were, “maybe when we come back they’ll say, “oh, have you tried this drug?  It makes everything better.””  Or maybe I was just scared and thought that checking in again would make sure everything stayed on track.

In some ways it probably has.  We’ve worked hard to keep Maggie progressing, allow her to retain her skills, and help her to build on them.  I think we both hope the doctors will be impressed.  I don’t know why that’s a consideration, but I think if we go in and they think she’s gotten better, we’ll feel like our hard work is really paying off, beyond in the small victories we see every day.

I guess it’ll be nice to get some confirmation that we’re doing the right things, that she’s progressing nicely and that we just have to stay the course.  It’d be nicer, though, if there was something they could do to help her.

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