Maggie can’t pedal a bike – but Jenny’s mission has been to get her to experience bike riding one way or another.   There was a scooter she never quite got into.  We tried a tricycle that worked for a little bit, though we had to velcro her feet to the pedals.  Her legs are too long now and she doesn’t like it anymore.  We got a seat but that grew restrictive.   So we graduated to the Wee Hoo IGo.  She still doesn’t pedal.  But she will.  bike ride

3 thoughts on “Bike Riding”

  1. You could try the rifton tricycle. It has all the adaptations you would need to belt her and Velcro her feet. I used the one with the pull bar and the looped handle bar. It comes in 3 sizes. My school has one and they use it in PE. It’s always nice when you can get others to help facilitate good exercise.

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