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Today, a celebrity campaign launches to invite the world to help Reverse Rett. A long list of stars including Sofia Vergara, Matt Lauer, Sarah Silverman, Casey Wilson, Paul Scheer, Billy Eichner, Kristen Schaal, June Diane Raphael and Nick Offerman participated in a PSA video and many more will be part of a social media campaign. Several celebrities turned their clothes inside out and backwards to commemorate Rett’s reversibility.

We are so excited about it. Rett Syndrome is starting to get the awareness that it deserves. This campaign has been a long time coming and is the result of four Rett families putting in their blood, sweat and tears to make it happen. Mostly tears. I am so thankful for Stephanie Bohn, Matt Baker, Nanea Miyata and AJ for making this happen.

We would appreciate you joining us in doing this campaign. Its so simple.
There are 3 things we are asking everyone who wants to cure Rett to do on Wednesday or as soon as possible.
First, Share the celebrity video on every social channel you use.
 Include this link rettgive.org/reverserettand #ReverseRett in your post.
Secondly,  Post a photo or video of yourself, your family and/or your loved one with Rett, wearing shirts backwards or inside out, on every social media channel you use.
Suggested copy to accompany your photo or video: “I/we want to #ReverseRett so [insert girl’s name] can [insert a goal]. Join me? Here’s how: rettgive.org/reverserett.” 
Lastly, ask everyone you know who has supported Rett to join in. Forward our blog to them, email them call them. Let’s get everyone involved.
Let’s make Rett History by taking the day to #reverserett for #magnoliashope.

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