As the holidays roll around I realize it’s almost been a year since we got the diagnosis.  We’ve gone through a lot of emotion this year and hardship and change, but still, it’s easy to find things to be thankful for – our families, our friends, new and old, even Maggie’s health.  While she’s been sick for the last three weeks, she’s generally healthy.  While Rett Syndrome makes it impossible for her to talk, she is finding ways to communicate with us.  While she is losing function of her arms, she retains some minor function with her hands. We’re thankful for the scientific community who has renewed our hope for effective treatments for Rett.  We’re thankful to have such a strong relationship with each other, which will certainly be tested throughout our Rett Syndrome journey.  We’re thankful that Maggie is starting to express interest in the well researched toys she’s previously ignored and very thankful she’s giggling more and more.  While we’re not thankful for Rett, we’re grateful that Maggie is such a fighter.  We’re thankful for who she pushes herself to become.  And we’re thankful for the outpouring of support we’ve received from around the world.

Though we certainly do have much to be thankful for, we anxiously await the day where we can be thankful that there is no more Rett Syndrome.   That day can’t come soon enough, but we’re thankful that this year has taught us that day will come eventually.

6 thoughts on “Finding things to be thankful for…”

  1. Maggie is blessed and despite her communication issues, thankful to have you and Jenny for parents and advocates. I admire your dedication, persistence and courage in dealing with this personal challenge.
    Love and best wishes,

  2. THANKSGIVING! We are thankful for the precious gift that God has given to you: Magnolia Maye! We continue to pray for a cure for Rett Syndrome and we are grateful for the breakthrough that is being worked on to provide effective treatments for Rett.
    We are also grateful that Maggie has wonderful parents that love her immensely and provide a secure, loving home for her. You are blessed with so many wonderful family members and great friends that come alongside to encourage you and also provide much love for Maggie.
    We love you all!
    Aunt Brenda and Uncle Doug

    1. Thanks Aunt Brenda and Uncle Doug. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, wish we could be there at the Mollenkopf farm.

  3. WE are thankful that you and Jenny are Maggies parents. She is blessed. We love you guys. Aunt Bobbie

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