Frozen has been a bit of a touchstone for us.  When it came out and little girls around the world flipped over it, Maggie didn’t care.  She’s never been able to sit still for long enough to enjoy a movie and it always felt like we were torturing her by trying to get her to watch it.

It was sad for us that he didn’t love it.  Not because it was a great movie and Jenny and I both loved it so much.  But because it was another reminder that she wasn’t a typical little girl.

But Jenny’s been working on it.  She has it on when she’s cooking and puts it on when Maggie’s just running around.  At the same time, at school, they’ve been working on getting her to sit still.

And now, after all that work, months and months of work, Maggie will actually crawl up on the couch and wait for Frozen to come on.  This perfect confluence of events has led to our little Maggie, being a typical girl – at least in how much she loves Frozen.

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  1. I’m just seeing this now. Wanted to share that we had the same exact experience – except I was silly enough to try it in theatre the first time. Mommy left in tears! 😉 We started practicing it more at home and now it’s Catherine’s favorite right up there with the Muppets. We miss seeing y’all, so glad we can see what is going on with Maggie here!

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