In honor of the holidays, I thought I would share Maggie’s holiday program from school.  I blurred out the other kids, because people get weird about that.

This was a real treat for all of us.  We didn’t even know there was going to be a holiday program – just one other thing that parents take for granted, or worse as a burden – as something you have to go to.  But for us – we never really thought Maggie would be able to participate in something like this.   When we found out there was one, though, I was both excited that they were doing this and nervous that her participation would be another reminder of her disability.

I don’t like getting reminded about all of the things she can’t do.  I live with them every day.  So it was with nervous hesitation that I filmed, hoping for the best.

Just one more thing I’m proud to see her surprise me at.

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