Everyone other than me may have known it was a bad idea, but my pridefulness necessitated the sharing of the news. A week or two ago I had written that Maggie was falling asleep in under an hour. I jinxed us. It was probably the next day when she figured out there was an opening in the railing and promptly scooted out. After a few repeated visits from one of us, eventually she fell asleep, but the excitement of it all turned it into a two hour fight again.

Every night since she laughs as she scoots her little body out the opening in the railing. Jenny, in frustration, even considered putting the crib wall back up. Not really, but it did come up in conversation.

Then she got sick. Congestion, couldn’t breathe, coughing. She’s been sick at this point for two weeks. At this point she’s more or less over the cold, but the bad habit of scooting out of bed is hard to shake. One because it’s adorable. Two, because we appreciate how hard it is for her to manage the motor planning part of getting out of the bed, but mostly because she thinks it’s funny.

We have Melatonin which is a natural supplement to help her sleep and have been trying to avoid it. Our developmental pediatrican says it’s fine. I’m just opposed to giving her medicine. I just want her to be typical. So I don’t want to give her medicines and supplements that typical kids don’t need. There are times when she needs it. There are times when everyone needs a little something. But, constantly medicating a problem that isn’t a problem for other kids is hard for me to wrap my brain around. Until she needs it, I’m hoping to keep her unmedicated. Gives me a sense she’s healthy. And that’s a relieving feeling for me.

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