We have so many days that are great. We try to live each day as positively as we can. We are a work in progress but we are trying to find balance in our lives, caring for Maggie, enjoying the little things and also pursuing our lives individually. We also try to get involved with as many events as possible, bringing awareness, fundraising and supporting.

Looking through pictures is fun but can also be emotional. When trying to find ways to bring awareness, we are reminded of what a roller coaster our lives really are. This past year, as most of you know, Maggie got a cold and her symptoms avalanched from there. The day before she got sick, we were supporting Girl Power 2 Cure and Sparkle Athletic raising money doing the Ragnar race. We supported by walking our own Virtual 5K around our neighborhood. It was the best day. Our first family walk with all four of us. Maggie was skipping, running, laughing and just having the best time. We had the best day. The next day our lives fully changed. She woke up sick and hasn’t been the same since. But this day was amazing. I look forward to ┬ámore days like this again. It goes to show you, you never know what each day will bring. Live life to the fullest. #rettawareness #girlpower2cure #sparkleathletic


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