I think it’s safe to say I’m welcoming the end of the year with open arms.  2013, while great for me professionally was one of the hardest years imaginable in my personal life.  Looking over our application for a clinical trial I realize that our daughter stopped progressing at about 28 months.  And truthfully I was working so hard at that time and the hours were so long, I didn’t even realize the sheer magnitude of what my wife so heroically endured and our daughter was fighting through.  It was my wife’s insistence there was something wrong no matter how much my blind optimism disagreed that got the doctors and therapists in place to actually help our daughter.  If she hadn’t been so diligent there’s no knowing how much our little one would have lost.

Instead of watching her slip away, my wife fought.  It’s that fight that allows us to have hope now.  And hope for 2014.

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