This Friday I’m participating in the Ragnar Race.  That’s an overnight team relay running race.  A team of women run 180 miles in honor of 180 girls with Rett Syndrome.  There are other teams, but, that’s the team I’m on.  It takes them about 28 hours.  It’s impressive and herculaen that people can accomplish such a feat.  Me?  I’m driving the van.

See – I got this email:

Why am I emailing you? Because we are brainstorming people who would be talented enough (and crazy enough!) to drive the team van through the night on this crazy adventure. See awesome ride from last year – photo attached.

I thought hmmmmm – AJ pulls all kinds of weird hours…let’s email him! 🙂


And then I sent this:

Hey guys,

I’m not sure if I’m honored or embarrassed to be known as “crazy enough” to do this.  But I am, and would be happy to drive the van.

I’m going to see if I can find someone to co-pilot,  if you can give me a few days.  [Update: (Thanks to Nick Veneroso for volunteering!)]

And now for 28 consecutive hours I’ll be driving a team of women I have never met in honor of 179 girls and women I likely have never met in order to keep the conversation going about Rett Syndrome.  See one of those 180 girls is my daughter, Maggie, and I’d run each of those 180 miles if it meant there’d be a cure to this thing at the end of it.

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  1. Thank you for being “crazy enough” to accept this blind invitation and sharing this journey with us. You and Nick are the awesomest Ragnar van driver and “Safety Officer”.

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