It made it into the Huffington Post –

It just needs to continue to spread. Thanks for all your support.

Here’s the link to the video so you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or whatever other social media channels you use.

3 thoughts on “Sharing the video is working”

  1. Jenny, my family and I are praying for you and your family. I wish there was more we could do for Magnolia. Sharing the video seems so small compared to the struggles you all face every day. We know God is working miracles for each of you every day and believe he is leading the doctors to one day find a cure. Please let us know if there is anything, anything at all, we can do from afar. Thank you for sharing your story. Know that we will be watching for more updates and will continue to pray. Take care, Brieanne

  2. Jenny,
    Hudson sends his love to Miss Maggie! We will continue to follow your blogs as this medical journal continues. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Dearly, Allyson Arons

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