For Maggie’s birthday in November, we wanted to get her a fish tank.  The problem is presents are always difficult because it’s unlikely she gets excited about any present, and as a result, it’s hard for us to get excited about it.  There are tons of stories of parents of kids with special needs crying in the toy aisle – it’s a reminder of how atypical your life really is.  I don’t cry in the toy aisle, but I do look the other way.

Jenny doesn’t cry in the toy aisle, either, she just researches on the internet for sensory toys and appropriate games for her.  So Maggie has a weighted turtle, a weighted star, weighted balls, a variety of swings for both the inside and outside, kinetic sand, and a few great games that she really likes to play.  Mind you, it’s not Monopoly or Life, it’s Feed the Woozle and Pop The Pig.  But she likes them, and it only took Jenny an extra few weeks to find them.

So it was with some consternation we decided to shell out the hefty price for a fish tank and all the required accoutrements – purple rocks, filter, heater, food, and etc.  I was positive this was another present that would fall flat.  Another thing Jenny and I were excited to give but that she wouldn’t show any excitement in receiving.

I’m slowly learning my lesson about her.  I need to stop doubting.  This was her at the store, helping us choose the fish she wanted.


fish shopping


And now, that it’s all set up, she’ll sit and stare at her fishies from her bed.  She’ll stop and look at them when she’s near.  And she gets happy to just watch them swim when we feed them in the monring.

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  1. Loved reading this. Zoe’s big sister wanted a goldfish for her birthday last month. We asked Zoe if she wanted to go along with us to help pick it out, and she gave us an enthusiastic “yes”. Once we were at the pet store, it was pretty hard not to let Zoe pick out a fish of her own (birthday or not). She picked out a purple tetra to go along with her sister’s green one. I don’t even know if she was as excited about the fish as she was about being involved in the process. Either way, it was well worth it to see her reaction (and to see her peek in every now and then to see how her fish is doing).

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