A hard 5 minute conversation for you, could be a gift of a lifetime of actual conversations for my child. As we start the new school year, at a new school, with new friends that is all I can think about. Well that and a million other things. Truth is, inclusion starts at home. It starts with parents modeling acceptance of differences. I know the past year and a half of school has been a whirlwind for every parent. The dust is settling and most kids are going back to the classroom. As your life settles into a normalish school year, remember kids like mine. Take 5 minutes to remind your kids about acceptance, helping others and inclusion. Also, as a fellow mom who is so excited to have her kids in a classroom, hug your kids and have a great year. 💪🏼❤️ #rettsyndrome#inclusion #momlife #parenting#backtoschool #school

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