Maggie has days where everything seems to be connecting.  She climbs better, she uses her hands more and she communicates more.  Then there are other days that nothing seems to connect.  This is the Apraxia part of Rett.  We never know what each day will bring but we are learning to enjoy each day just as they are.

Today she did some amazing things.  For her, at least.  And that makes it amazing for us.

1) She opened her playroom by herself – pulling the handle until the door popped open and pushing the door herself.  The amount of strength and dexterity required for this makes it that much more impressive for a little girl fighting all the things she’s fighting to accomplish.

2)She scooted out of her car seat, climbed up on the car’s factory installed seat, turned herself around and pushed herself out of the car.  We’ve been working on this for what seems like ever and she finally did it.  It was only once so far, but man, does it feel good to have months of work finally pay off

3)She stepped up onto the step stool and sat down on the potty herself.  Maybe this is something she’s been able to do for awhile, but we never thought to ask and she never thought to try.  Or, maybe today was the day she figured it out.  Either way, we’ll take it.

Amazing stuff, Maggie.  When you learn to read, and you read this, know that not a single little thing goes unnoticed.


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