We looked into all of the medical interventions there were to help understand why suddenly her balance went away and her hyperventilation became uncontrollable.  We couldn’t find anything.  But, my optimism forces me to believe there’s always a solution.

So we turned to #TeamMagnolia

She hasn’t been able to go to school (more on this next week), so we’ve been able to focus on her therapies.  We’ve been able to work with her in her off hours.  We’ve been able to let her relax and not work at all when that’s what she needs.

And we’ve seen some improvements.  It’s not what it was, but I think there’s a chance that it will be.  I didn’t think this way for a while.  I thought it was only going to get worse.   Rett has this way of making you doubt your optimism.   Because though I no longer feel like it’s going to get worse, I now feel like this is going to happen again.  That someday, she’ll get sick again, and she’ll possibly forget to walk for a few weeks again.

At least next time, I’ll know who to turn to.

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