We have a special treat. Sara Polon reached out to us a few years ago and has been consistently supporting us by raising awareness for Rett Syndrome, fundraising through her business, Soupergirl; and sending us soup to lift our spirits as well. When times get tough, its in those moments, we know that we aren’t alone. Sara and Marilyn Polon are one of those reasons. – Jenny & AJ
I have never met Magnolia. But she inspires me – every day. By Sara Polon
I got to know the Teslers in early 2018 after reading Jenny’s post in (read here) Kveller, eloquently describing Magnolia’s life with Rett Syndrome, and its impact on the entire family. After watching dozens of videos and learning everything I could about this little girl and her family, I had to reach out. I had never felt so helpless. In today’s world, we read about so much suffering, it is hard not to become numb. But there was something about Magnolia and her fight against Rett that caused me to connect with the Teslers.
Rett is particularly cruel because it is a progressive disease. Children who are walking, talking, eating, and growing can simply… stop. They lose their abilities to speak, walk, eat, and even breath normally. I do believe that the videos of Maggie struggling to simply take a breath shook me the most. I felt compelled to do something – anything – to simply give this child some relief. And so, in the middle of a cold winter night in January of 2018, I reached out to the Teslers. What started as a simple note saying – you aren’t alone – we’re here – and we want to support you – turned into something more. I have organized fundraisers for Magnolia’s Hope, featured Maggie on my blog and social feeds, gotten involved in the DC area Rett community, and sometimes simply send love, via soup, to the Teslers.
In a way, you could argue that what I’m doing is selfish. I couldn’t rest unless I knew I did something for this child. But to be honest, Magnolia gives me so much more. Like Jenny often says – Magnolia is strong. She is courageous. She is brave. She is a warrior. Magnolia is inspiring. Quite often, when I’m struggling through a personal challenge, I think of Maggie. I also think of Jenny, AJ, and Grayden. They do not get to turn off Rett and take a break. They do not get to relax and recharge. Rett does not allow that. So they keep fighting. They keep working. And Maggie keeps getting on that horse, doing her planks, exercising, and sometimes, even dancing. And I will keep cheering Maggie on until the day we find a cure for Rett.

AJ meeting Sara while on a business trip to Washington DC. It was an emotional and beautiful moment to meet someone who has been supporting and cheering you on from afar.
She didn’t ask us to plug her store but if you are in the DC area, then you should stop by Soupergirl and show your support. Actually she has a meal service as well. Go to theSoupergirl.com and you learn more about their healthy plant based soup. I’ve actually never told Sara this but AJ has always made fun of me because of my love for soup. So when Sara contacted us and then sent us soup, it was a sign. Soup is healing and we are not alone. My heart is full and my belly full of soup. HA! Thank you Sara and her mom Marilyn Polon who have both been such a huge support to us. One day we will bring Magnolia to Washington DC to meet you.

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