We leave for NYC next week and couldn’t be more excited. Well, we could be a little more excited. Maggie came down with a cold and we are walking on pins and needles waiting to see what happens.  But fortunately, she’s already getting better and we know she does not want to miss her cousin Leo’s Bar Mitzvah.  She keeps navigating to his picture on her eye gaze device.  We keep telling her, “we get to see him soon.”  She is going to hold us to those words.

As part of his Bar Mitzvah, Leo decided to perform a good deed, called  a mitzvah in Jewish tradition.  For Leo’s mitzvah he came up with The 20/20 challenge for Rett Syndrome and for Maggie.   Leo has become such a smart and empathetic young gentlemen. With cousins like Leo, we know that Maggie will always be supported and loved and that makes us happy.  We had no idea he was doing this, which made it so much sweeter.  The challenge is to walk up 20 stairs or donate $20.  It’s such a great concept, especially for those that live in a big city.  We loved seeing all of the videos of the challenge and even tried to accomplish the challenge in our house with our one flight of stairs.

Well, technically, Grayden accomplished the challenge.  And part of the challenge is to ask other people to participate as well.  So, since Gray can’t challenge people by himself, if you’ve read this far, consider yourself challenged to participate: 20 stairs.  Or $20 dollars.



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