When the weather dumps rain all over Los Angeles and dumps snow in the mountains. Sometimes you just need to make a trip to play in the snow. Living in Los Angeles, we are only an hour and a half away from the closest Mountain Resort, Mountain High. So Sunday, that is what we did.

We want to take Maggie on as many adventures as possible. If she can’t have a typical life, at least we can make her life fun and adventurous for her. We have good days and bad days. Saturday Maggie didn’t have a great day, so when she woke up Sunday and she was doing well, we were excited to go.

The drive up there was easy, the kids napped, our friend Stephanie was stuck between their two carseats in the back and assisted Maggie when she needed help. We had lunch at a cute mountain cafe area.


It was a gorgeous day, families were sledding all over he mountain. We could see skiers and boarders and the snow tube area was at the top. AJ went to get the tubing tickets while Steph and I got the kids stuffed into their snow gear, which isn’t easy to do in a car. AJ returned to tell us the tubing was so packed we would only get two runs in. We were not putting the kids back in the car after getting them into their snow gear, we decided to play in the snow, while AJ went back into town and bought sleds. Stephanie convinced snow tubing staff to let us pull the kids around in the tubes while we waited. So technically, we did snow tube.


Maggie loved the mountain, her brother was confused. Finally AJ returned, we loaded everyone in the car and found a great area to sled. There were a few other families there. On the first run, AJ’s sled broke in half, thankfully he bought two sleds.  Sledding was scarier than I expected. Maggie tried a couple of times and then she was very upset. Mostly because she was tired and hungry. She calmed down, went for a couple of more runs. I finally went down the hill with Gray and almost ran over another family.

All in all we had a fun day. There were less breathing issues, no rett episodes, just a couple of meltdowns. Maggie was so excited, her and AJ wrote a story on her Tobii. Just trying to make it work.

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