We have been homeschooling Maggie this year, for various reasons – mostly, because she had a rough year last year.  She was constantly getting sick, which in turn caused more Rett symptoms, and though she has fought so hard to gain back her strength, balance and walking ability, being at home has allowed her to focus on therapy and helped her get back to her old self. Of course, Rett is progressive, so now we have new symptoms she is dealing with on a daily basis. Her breathing, seizures, drooling, anxiety and some balance issues seem to be hindering her the most right now. So sending her to a classroom is very stressful for everyone involved.

Right now, Maggie has school at home through an online classroom. Shelly assists her during class, they really have become quite the duo. Of course, AJ stays up late every night to program her eyegaze computer with the next day’s classwork, so that Maggie can be as involved as possible.

So that is what we’ve been doing. It’s been working, we’ve been pleased by her progress. Then a few months ago, the school district called and offered Maggie to attend a satellite campus for homeschooled kids. At first we said, no. Then we realized Maggie is doing well, we should try it.

So on April 11, AJ took Maggie to school, Shelly met them there to be her aide. AJ introduced her to the classroom of kids. He explained Rett syndrome and discussed her breathing issues. A little boy in the class immediately says to AJ, I think she is having problems breathing because it;s her first day. AJ said, that might be.  The way I imagine it, a single tear of joyful innocence rolled down his cheek as he said it.  After a few weeks, we’re convinced Maggie loves it as she screams joyfully and skips as she pulls AJ to the classroom.  Shelly is with her, so she is safe and is able to communicate.  There was even a little girl who went up to Maggie and said, “Maggie, you can be my friend.”  And when I heard that, my heart exploded a few times.

Turns out this is the perfect situation for Maggie right now. Two days a week she goes to a satellite campus, then to therapy. The other three days, she is homeschooled and also goes to therapy. It allows her flexibility, socialization, and the security and comforts of home.  We are hopeful we can continue her education this way, for awhile.  From the way it seems, she is as well.

I wrote this post last week and this week is her final week in the class for the school year, but she is unable to go. Maggie was has been hospitalized twice in the last week and will be resting at home this week. At least there is hope for next year. We know we like this program, we are hopeful that it works out for her.



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