Rett Syndrome has changed my life in so many ways.  Before the diagnosis, I was working at Jash, the digital studio that Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, Tim and Eric started along with a bunch of other people I’ve always respected  and at various times believed it to be my dream job.  I was working with people I liked and respected, running a digital studio, making comedy videos.  It had everything.  After the diagnosis, I couldn’t imagine anything less important.  (No offense to anyone from Jash who might be reading this)

I had called my friend who started a company called Omaze, which runs sweepstakes for once in a lifetime experiences to raise money for charity, thinking I could get something going for one of the Rett charities.  A week later he called to see if I wanted to work for him.   It fell into my lap and it’s been a great reprieve, in addition to being a perfect fit considering my experience and my hope for what my next steps would be.

He’s also been very generous with the access to the company resources.  And after 5 weeks of being there this is the product of that generosity:

Lloyd is a funny comedian who is well known for his Youtube channel Epic Lloyd and better known for his part in Epic Rap Battles (   He was among those that were asked to come to the White House to talk/meet with the President about Social Media.  He is helping us bring awareness to Rett Syndrome in a very creative and fun way. Since his audience is young and most likely doesn’t know much about Rett, this is going to be very helpful.  

It should be noted that this is not suitable for work.  But in one fell swoop 1 million more people now know about Rett.  And if many of them take part in this auction, we’ll be able to raise a good sum of money for the charity.  Lloyd Ahlquist, you are an impressive human and while I said this in every email, it can’t be said enough how grateful I am for your efforts on this.  Thank you Lloyd, for you time, your talent and your willingness to bring awareness to our cause.  Thank you so very much.

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