Sorry to be overposting this week, but a lot is going on.  Our good friends Kate and Joey from Mr. Kate, a lifestyle brand, are just uber creative and smart and savvy and good looking.  And they’re launching a new set of Beauty Marks this week that features a large Magnolia flower.  They’ve pledged $1 will be donated to support Rett Syndrome research for every set bought.  You can take a look at them here –  More creative fundraising!!! I love it so much.

Everything Mr. Kate does is a hit with Jenny.

Kate tattooed Maggie at the party, and from that smile, I’d think they were a hit with Maggie as well.IMG_9690

2 thoughts on “Beauty Marks”

  1. Hi Jenny, Thanks for sharing! I bought the beauty marks with the special Magnolia. Can’t wait to try! So fun!

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