If your doctor ever prescribes you Flagyl, know that you are about to imbibe a nasty liquid. Everyday for the past two weeks we had to basically hold a pep rally in order for her to take her belly medication. “Yay Maggie, Go Maggie, You can do it! Give me an M!” There were plenty of incentives, candy, gingerlale and wine (kidding I offered her a pina colada, I know how to parent) for her to take this medicine. Everyday twice a day it was a struggle. We got to the point that she would just cry and clench her teeth and push our hands away. But we got through it and guess what. Her belly is a bit better. After 9 months of having a bad belly! I’ll take this as a win! Give me a W! Give me an I! Give me an N! Go team Magnolia!

We still need to get bloodwork done but both her GI specialist and Epilepsy Neurologist specialist are happy with the results. So her neurologist also lessened her seizure medication again. Cross your fingers! We need to get rid of this brain fog symptom.

Never a dull day around here, now we focus on getting her to use her computer again. She is trying, but yesterday she was having a hard time navigating. I asked her if she remembered where the word she was looking for was. She didn’t remember. Is this a symptom of her seizure medication or does she not remember because she wasn’t using her computer, so she forgot. I’m not sure, but we will be modeling and putting a huge focus of our summer break on Mags communication. Let’s hope she gains it back, life is just better when she can communicate. Communication gives her confidence. Confidence can go a long way. Confidence makes for a happy kid, which makes for a happy mommy.

And fun instagram filters make for a happy kid.

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