Magnolia has been on her GI medication for 7 days, this is day 8. She doesn’t like them. She seemed to tolerate them the first few days but now she revolts when we have to give her the medication. Yesterday, I was working and Shelly brought Mags to my office (upstairs in our house) she needed help giving her the medication. Mags absolutely refused. I tried to give it to her, she cried. Again, I explained to her why she is taking the medication. It seems to be working. So clearly she did have either a parasitic infection or bacterial infection. We won’t fully know until she is done with the 14 days of medication and then bloodwork.

Knowing what she has been through the past year, I forced her to take the medication. I forced her to swallow as much as she could. She cried. It was emotionally tough.

Later in the evening, we had to give her the second daily dose. Mags is on 3 medications that need to be taken an hour apart. There is a regimen. We have to give her the belly meds, then an hour later give her her seizure meds, then an hour later her last medication. At 5pm, I got the syringe for her belly medication, shook the bottle, and smelled the medication. Still smelled like grape flavor. Brought it to the dining table, proceeded to try and give her the medication. She refused, she cried.  So I put a droplet of the medication on my finger and tasted it. I immediately gagged, my eyes watered and I had to leave the room gagging. Thats right a droplet of the medication and I was not prepared for how bad it was. I actually threw up a little bit. The thought of what I just tasted was so revolting, I threw up. I tasted a droplet. Shelly and I couldn’t stop laughing at how bad it was, because we both realized clearly the torture we’ve been putting Mags through. I was not prepared for that taste. Oof. I think I need to start making Girl Scout badges for everything she completes. She deserves something for stomaching this medication for a week. I’ve never fought MMA style but if AJ tried to force me to take this medication I would fight him like I was Ronda Rousey. It would be going down in our house. Right hook, left hook, round about kick, elbow to the jaw, wrestle and throw him out.

Let me say. I taste almost all of Magnolia’s medications to make sure they aren’t too bad. If they are I disguise them in food or drinks. I taste her daily protein shakes to make sure the vitamins haven’t made it taste bad. I am not sure what happened on this one. I can’t believe this medication tasted so bad. How did I not taste this? I know I smelled it, but I ‘m thinking I didn’t taste her medication but just her brother’s medications because he came down with a chest infection and ear infection last week, so there were a lot of new meds being dispersed in timely intervals throughout the day.

How has she been swallowing or trying to swallow 10ml (2tsp) of this med and I can’t even handle a droplet. We are on day 8 and I can’t wait for this to be over. I’m positive she can’t wait. So for the next 6 days Shelly and I will force Magnolia to take a rancid medication because it seems to be working. So 6 more days of this is worth it because we have spent the past 9 months trying to figure out what is happening with her belly. Oh my goodness, this poor girl. I’m happy that the medication seems to be working but I could throw a chair out of the window in frustration for what Mags has to go through to get there. I honestly might buy her boxing gloves and let her hit me every time she has to take this medication.

She’s tougher than I. I couldn’t even handle a droplet. A DROPLET! Smells like grape, taste like a version of Hell.

Here she is, so proud of herself, she just swallowed her medication. Trooper!

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