Everything that Maggie wants to do is hard for her.  It takes an immense amount of concentration and practice in order for her to accomplish even the most mundane of tasks.

She didn’t spontaneously start jumping on a trampoline.  I had to move her legs up and down until she started doing it herself.  She didn’t walk up or down stairs until months had gone by with us moving her legs and hands into the appropriate position.  She can climb a rock wall (with close supervision) because we practiced every single day for an entire summer.

But some things, no matter how hard we practice, how much we try, have just been too complicated for her.  Like turning a knob, lifting her arms to take off her shirt, two handed high fives and until very recently: blowing bubbles.

She’s loved bubbles forever.  You know, like a kid.  But blowing bubbles on her own has been impossible.  She would try to eat the wand when she was very small and then over time grew disinterested in it.   I don’t know why I decided to try it the other day, but try it I did.  And Maggie, with very little hesitation jumped right in.

I know it seems small to people.  It also may even be a little sad that I’m that excited about a 5 year old blowing a bubble.  But it’s more than that.  It’s years of hard work paying off.  Not just by us, and Maggie, but her speech therapist Deandra and best friend/aide Shelly have been working on this for ever, too. It’s, what I can only imagine, years of frustration, wanting to blow bubbles and being unable to coordinate her muscles to do so.  It’s a major accomplishment for her.

It’s one less thing that’s hard for her.  And until that number is zero, I’m going to get excited about every single one she crosses off the list.


7 thoughts on “Bubble Burst”

    1. Me too! If anyone reads these comments, check out Christine’s beautiful blog blueberriesanggiggles about her daughter, Lily, also living with Rett.

  1. AJ, super exciting to see your hard work pay off. Your joy and Maggie’s are contagious. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Please keep sharing Maggies success with us. It is so exciting.I can’t believe she can hold her breathe so long when swimming.Love you guys.

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