First stop today was the cardiologist which we’ve all been pretty anxious about.  Girls with Rett have an increased incidence of prolonged qt interval (a doctor’s words, not mine (though I have been repeating it like I have any idea what I’m talking about)) and we had to get an EKG to see how she was doing.  Apparently, this particular issue is the culprit in a lot of the catastrophic Rett complications.
Today’s EKG came back normal.  So we are in the clear for now.  Though we do have to go back annually to check.  The cardiologist thought, but did not know, if she doesn’t have it now she shouldn’t develop it.  But, rett can do some crazy things.  I’ll just choose to believe him.

Luckily we were also able to schedule her first horse therapy session today.  It’s definitely therapy and if we are to believe  everything we’ve been told, is one of the best things for her – pt, sensory integration and even some communication therapy all rolled into one.  It also sounded like fun.  She seemed to enjoy it.  And making her smile is our life mission. 

My last errand was signing up for MediCal.  A little ironic to be driving up in an Audi, but I guess it is just a lease and honestly, having the security blanket is really nice.  The unfortunate thing is that from the looks of things I’ll be here for about 6 years.


So today, the normal EKG made us smile.  The horses made her smile.  I’d say mission accomplished in spite of my trip through purgatory (the department of social services)

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