I’m going to keep a running tab of the things you can do to help cure this disease.  It’s honestly in our power to cure this.  We just need to refuse to concede.  And come up with more than four ways to help.  I’m working on it.  It’s still new to me.

Talk about Rett If you have a social media presence or work in the media, write about Rett, write a character with Rett into your script, tweet the link to rettsyndrome.org, ask for help yourself. These girls have no voice, so we have to give a voice to the voiceless. The more awareness there is, the more effort there is for a cure.

smile.amazon.com – if you order from this website anything and everything you would normally order from amazon, you can choose IRSF as the benefactor of your purchase.  It costs you nothing and IRSF gets a small percentage of the sale.

rettsyndrome.org/magnoliashope – this is a donation page.  Feel free to donate – the money will go to rett support and research.  My goal is actually 100 million dollars, but I thought that would seem intimidating if I put that on a donation page.

Connect people
If you know someone we should talk to, whether in the medical field, in the political arena or someone who has the capacity to raise money or awareness, please connect us. A simple email could be the key to solving this entire thing.

If you’re just looking to help us more directly, make plans with us to do something fun that Maggie would like doing.  Walking through the zoo with a friend is better on our nerves in a lot of way than having to scramble to find a babysitter to go get a drink that we’re likely going to regret having in the morning.

2 thoughts on “What to do to help”

  1. you are truly an amazing man and a wonderful father.

    i taught you so well!

    our collective hearts are with you and we will will do anything/everything we can to help.


    your big brother (and his family)

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