We’re having a tough time deciding between school options right now.  The IEP we got, which is an evaluation from state funded therapists, recommends literally no services for a girl who needs intensive therapy in order to continue to progress.  So we’re looking at all of our alternatives.  There are three options for us:

An inclusionary program – one that special needs kids and typical kids are all lumped into one room

An integrated program – one that has a special needs exclusive program inside a larger more typical program

A special needs program – one that is only for special needs kids.

It’s obviously less than ideal that this is a decision we have to make.  We were perfectly happy sending her to the lux private shcools we were looking at last year.  Alas – new realities.  We’re both inclined to send her to an inclusionary program, but she needs so much intensive treatment right now that we’re not 100% that’s the right decision.  It’s very hard to plan for such an unsure future.  But, I guess all futures are unsure and you just have to make the most of your present. 

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