Last year we were on the east coast for Maggie’s birthday and didn’t really have the opportunity to do a big party.  Plus at 3, would she really care?  This year, after a lot of uncertainty, we decided to give her a real party.  We spent a week and change talking to her about it and prepping her for what to expect.  And as the day got closer, her smile got bigger and bigger.

By the time it was here, she was down right giddy (for her).  We’d get more smiles than we could have expected.  Though the party preparation was fraught with a lot of work (for Jenny and all of her friends – thank you so much for pitching in, by the way) we had no idea if she would notice or care about any of it.  But, all of that was swept away when she noticed the string of balloons over our yard and started laughing.

She loved her cake, and giggled when she got to taste the frosting.  She liked the painting and the dress up.  But most of all, she loved seeing all of her friends, and feeling safe among people who care about her.


8 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration”

  1. Maggie, it is so thrilling to read about and see pictures of your 4 year old birthday party. You are a precious gift to your parents and all of us. Love and belated birthday wishes from Aunt Brenda

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