We went to Disney today.  It was a way to get away from it all.  It’s hard seeing other typical kids running around, enjoying the park, knowing our little one will never really be able to. 

But, she had fun.  It was a major mistake to take a kid with sensory issues into It’s a Small World, but other than that, she was a trooper, running and skipping everywhere.  I only hope she can continue to do that, but I’m afraid at some point that will become hard if not impossible for her. 

Minnie Mouse is like her Paul McCartney, but she was a litle shy when they met.  She was so excited as we waited to get close to her, but when she got close, she got a little shell shocked.  What do you say to a rockstar like Minnie?  Especially when you can’t really talk at all.  

We snapped a few pictures and I think she even accidentally smiled. 

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