Every time I try to play a game that I would play with a typical 3 year old, our little one ignores it.  No block building, hide and seeking, peek a booing, puzzle solving, pat a caking, red rovering, freeze tagging or any of those for us.  All she does is pick up a toy in each hand and run from one side of the house to the other.  I get I should be thankful that she is able to do both of those things as many girls with Rett can’t do either.  I can’t help be afraid she’s doing it all now since some day she won’t be able to, though.

Here are some of the things we do with her that she will engage in.  I’ll try to keep this an active list and will edit as we find things she is willing to do.

Watching baby signing time
Drop bean bags in a basket (we didn’t believe she’d be able to either, but with a lot of practice she was able to and even enjoys it now)
Ride a bike (pedaled by dad)
Kick a ball
Play in mulch
Play in water.  I filled up the bathtub on a cold day and dropped a drop off for coloring in.  She had a blast.  She also loves being in a pool.
Hide her toys and send her on a mission to find them.
Lift her up slowly and drop her to the ground fast.
Tea parties
Pretend to eat fake food.  She thinks this is hilarious though I’m not fully sure she gets the concept of edible vs inedible considering she eats sand whenever she is near it.
Crawl through a tunnel
Funny faces.  Make funny faces at her and cheer when she tries to imitate.
Sometimes for therapy I make her give me piggy back rides. Sometimes she thinks it’s funny.
Musical chairs.  I just started this one – she sits in one chair and has to go sit in another chair when the music stops.  I’m not sure she likes it, but she does comply.
Blow bubbles.
Knock over blocks.  She even started putting blocks on top of a stack recently.  I’m very excited about that.
She likes getting pushed on her bike and riding on back of mine.

If you have other suggestions please leave them in the comments below.


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