After months of fighting with the Regional Center for Early Intervention services I finally gave up and just started paying for private therapists and services. It was less time consuming than the alternative. We got an evaluation done in October and it wasn’t until I called them again in January to ask what was happening that I finally got a copy of that evaluation. Our government at work, I guess.

That evaluation recommended additional regional center services and would inform me of a new social worker. I was less than optimistic that the results would be any better than our previous experience, until we met her. She offered respite care, which is basically the state paying for your babysitter for a limited number of hours so you can take a break and be a better parent. We already have a babysitter and use her regularly, but this will definitely help. She recommended a new type of therapy, which we’re putting on hold for now. Too much therapy seems like it would be counter productive and we feel like we’re basically at the limit. But the service exists, is free for us and seems like eventually will help. And she offered to get us enrolled with MediCal. After waiting at MediCal’s offices last month for 5 hours and then recently getting denied because Maggie is a “Medically Capable Adult”, I realized this was going to be a waste of time. But having a government organization handle the entire enrollment for us, felt like a huge relief.

It’s just nice to have someone fighting for us other than you guys.

One thought on “Government services”

  1. Leave it to the government to misinterpret MCA-which was supposed to describe Mags as Massively Cute and Adorable but they translated into Medically Competent Adult. It wd be funny if it wasn’t
    So tragic-if not for u but for all the other people who have to deal with these absurdities

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