Last year when I reflected on the amount of money we raised collectively, I was proud to have been a part of Maggie’s solution, her hope.  This event, which takes place in LA on October 29th this year, is a big part of that hope for me, having raised over $700,000 for the Rett Syndrome Research Trust last year alone, and moved the science needle, almost by itself, in the right direction.

I chaired the auction, sourcing and organizing silent auction items from around the country, though I had little idea what I was doing.

Planning for this year’s event has begun and with the event less than two months away, I’ve started working on it again, emailing friends and loved ones, asking for anything that might fetch a penny at an auction.  If you know someone who works at a business that may be interested in sponsoring, an artist who may be interested in donating, someone with a vacation home or a hotellier, or a somelier, anyone who may have something they’d be willing to pass along for this silent auction, please share my info with them or theirs with me.  We raised over $30,000 from the auction last year, but I aim to double that.

And, if you’re in LA – or aim to be during this time – you can attend – I’d love to see you there.

At least this time, I’m going to think I know what I’m doing.


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