I’ve been trying to get a fundraiser of my own going since we found out about Maggie. The idea started out as a rather large scale collaboration between my old company, Jash, some old friends at Social Media Week, and my new business partner who also runs Comedy Gives Back.  Then it was going to be a large scale event with a major comedy show.  Then I was going to do something expensive that would have felt forced.   None of it likely would have netted that much in terms of real donation.

It’s evolved into a dance party which is kind of perfect.   Though Maggie can dance, most girls with Rett can’t, so I love the idea of “dancing because she can’t”.  I love using social media to get the word out.  I love being able to use all of my experience and lean on my relationships to make a difference.  I love being able to scream from the mountaintops about Rett Syndrome, because Maggie can’t.

I’m sure I’ll have 1000 more ideas, too.  But this seems like a good place to start.



4 thoughts on “I dance because she can’t”

  1. The dance event sounds really special. It would be so great to be there, but we havve another event tonight…and the drive from Texas is a little long. I am sure it will be a very special evening.
    Aunt Brenda

  2. Love the idea, love the post, and love each of you. You give so much hope by fighting Rett so hard and so creatively. Thanks!

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!! Last summer Olivia danced with me for the first time since she started walking at 5 years of age. It was absolutely magical. xo

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