Finding a game that Maggie is willing to play has been impossible.  I don’t even mean board games – that’s not even something that’s worth trying.  Her attention would never hold and her hands wouldn’t let her manipulate any spinner or dice.  Before her regression she would play memory games, but she doesn’t do that anymore. One of the first red flags that something was wrong was probably when I noticed she no longer was willing/able to play simon says.  I miss those days.   I miss being able to find things she would enjoy, she would giggle at.  Her life is so filled with therapy, just to get her to maintain the skills she does have, it’s almost like she’d forgotten to have fun.

It’s hard to really explain why she doesn’t play games.  But she also doesn’t play with anything appropriately.  I think she understands, but maybe it’s just too complicated.  Maybe she can’t settle her body to play.  Maybe her mind is moving too fast for her to concentrate on it.  Her resting state is just running around waving a toy in her hand.  On some level, we’re grateful she can still hold things, but I do miss playing games with her.

The other day, though, out of the blue, she let me know that, apparently she missed playing games with me too…

And all of a sudden, we’re both finding games we can play together, in spite of it all.

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